Balls to Cancer

We are Balls to Cancer- a registered charity, and it is our aim to fight cancer with fun!  We are raising funds for male cancer awareness and education. We occasionally donate a proportion to other associated causes and research.
100% of funds raised or donated goes into this charity for our aims below.

Balls to Cancer aims

  • We are spending time and money on a nationwide (and in some cases worldwide) awareness campaign through the media, social networks, leaflets and posters, to try to make both men and women more aware of the dangers of cancer and to help men help themselves.
  • We want to open a male only contact point for men/boys who have been diagnosed with cancer or are worried about cancer and their families. So if you know anyone who needs our help or if you need our help yourselves, please contact us today.
  • We are funding an education programme for teenagers to help them understand and take away the taboo of talking about testicular cancer and asking for help.
  • We are also putting aside a small amount of funds for research projects we feel are making headway in their particular field. This funding will also be there to help individuals who need specialist treatment, or support for families affected financially due to treatment.
  • We have already given money to many research projects and hospitals such as Birmingham, Wolverhampton & Brunel Universities as well as funding special sensory equipment of  The Birmingham Children’s Hospital.
  • We are working on funding our #SuperHeroChemo Boxes for children fighting cancer with chemotherapy. These boxes encase the very visible Intravenous bag and help the children cope with the stress of chemotherapy by giving it to them as Superhero power liquid! We will be offering these boxes to children cancer units nationwide FREE of charge starting with the Birmingham Childrens Hospital and hope to spread it to every Cancer Unit as soon as possible.
  • We are also funding a luxury holiday home at  Haven, Burnham on Sea holiday park for the use of cancer sufferers* and their families, completely free of charge. The idea behind this is for the charity to provide holidays for people/families at an already difficult time.  We hope to give well deserved breaks to those that need it, allowing them to create some happy memories.
  • We have also launched  the Geoff Bates Fund, the fund has been set up to help the families in the UK who are fighting cancer. We have spoken to hundreds of families across the country and their main worry after cancer has hit them is how to cope financially, often when a member of the family is ill someone has to take extended leave from work or give up work all together and this puts extra strain and stress on a family already going through the most terrible time in their lives. 

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