Pancreatic Cancer Action

Pancreatic Cancer Action is a UK charity focussed on improving early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, which is the UK’s fifth biggest cancer killer with the lowest survival rate of all common cancers.

Founded by a pancreatic cancer survivor who proves that there is hope, early diagnosis is achievable and survival is possible, our focus is on ensuring that patients are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at a stage that gives them the best chance of survival.

We aim to improve survival rates by:

  • funding research into improving early diagnosis,
  • launching nationwide (and in some cases global) awareness campaigns
  • developing and promoting the eLearning modules for healthcare professionals
  • funding research projects focussed on improving early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

Quite simply, we know that pancreatic cancer can be diagnosed early and as long as we are here and continue to be supported, we will make sure that happens more and more.

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