Supporting people at home who receive home artificial nutrition.

What is artificial nutrition (AN)?

A method of medically feeding people who are unable to sustain their nutrition and hydration due to a dysfunctional digestive system or a swallow disorder.

How is artificial nutrition administered/given?

There are two different methods to provide AN.

Enteral Nutrition (EN) is given via different types of tubes placed into various parts of the digestive system to maximise absorption.

Parenteral Nutrition (PN) is fed directly into a vein via a catheter which bypasses a dysfunctional digestive system.

PINNT aims to support patients/carers while they adjust to a new and unique way of sustaining nutrition and hydration. We help people face the future while being fed by a tube. Established over 28 years ago.

Membership is free for patients, carers and family members along with anyone who wants to support our work.

There is a charge for corporate members.

PINNT website

Central resource for our information along with a private members forum (only patients and carers). You can join PINNT directly and then access material in the members area.

We support our members when they want to enjoy things most people take for granted.

Travel. PINNT Holiday Guidelines and Talking Points Leaflets 1 & 2 offer a wealth of advice.

Hints and Tips. A useful guide to directing members to seek the best support they can in relation to adapting to life at home on artificial nutrition. A few suggestion to brighten their day too.

Support. We offer a private forum, local/regional meetings, quarterly newsletter, one to one contact and support as well as using social media.

The patient/carer voice. PINNT are connected to a number of external groups and organisation where we can convey the voice of those receiving the treatments. We work closely with decision makes, manufacturers and healthcare professional to ensure the patient/carer voice is heard.

PINNT helps people come to terms with the major changes that their treatments will make to what is called a ‘normal’ life. We know that such medical interventions can have a huge impact on people, PINNT is here to help during those difficult times.