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About Salus

Salus Fatigue Foundation was founded by Linda Jones who started this charity through her own lived experiences. Salus is a not for profit organisation that provides support, education and help in the long term to inspire people living with fatigue-related conditions to improve their health and wellbeing. We have supported 15,000 people through both our awareness work and helping people make a change in their lives. We have over 10 years of experience, knowledge and understanding of what works for people and within our communities. 

The fatigue wellbeing hub

As the world is quickly evolving around us, we have decided to make our services digitally accessible to everyone with a computer, tablet or smartphone! The past year we have been working hard to offer our knowledge and expertise on a brand new platform called the ‘Fatigue Wellbeing Hub’.

Don’t worry… we understand not everyone is tech-savvy so we have made it easy for you to download and print out our fact sheets and worksheets at home! 

The Hub opens up content gradually to encourage users to pace their learning and make lifestyle choices which can be realistically maintained over time. The video content is delivered by our experienced and qualified Health Practitioners and is complemented with factsheets and advice from the teams own lived experience. Through our environment, nutrition, the power of the mind, movement and relaxation we believe positive outcomes can be achieved along with a better understanding of how to manage fatigue-related symptoms.

What does your subscription get you?

  • MONTH 1 – MONTH 3: Start your 90-day course broken down into 13 different modules which will be released week by week.
  • MONTH 4 onwards: Once you have completed your 90-day course, we will begin to concentrate on specific topics. Month 4 will have a strong focus on Nutrition, month 5 sleep and so on.
  • You will also have continual access to additional courses with your subscription including; Mind Corner, Pilates Corner, Book Corner & Menopause Series.

Registered Charity Number: 1151924

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