YoungDementia UK

YoungDementia UK supports younger people and their families to live well with dementia.

We are based in Oxfordshire and provide support for people within the county and in adjoining areas. We offer signposting and telephone support to those who live outside our region.

Dementia is ‘young onset’ when it affects people of working age, usually between 30 and 65 years old. They experience a progressive decline in their ability to think, reason, communicate and remember. Their personality, behaviour and mood can also change. The condition occurs at a time in people’s lives when they are likely to still be working, have financial responsibilities and children or parents to care for.

Each person is partnered with a trained team member to provide consistent support when everything around them is changing. We help people to live life to the full, to maintain their skills and self-confidence.

Our Family Service supports everyone and particularly helps partners, children and parents to adapt to living with a person with young onset dementia.

We offer a welcoming community and a network of support to give everyone involved the best quality of life.
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