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talkhealth provides the perfect platform to increase exposure and awareness of your brand, product or service to reach key target markets from patients and their carers to medical experts.

We have invested heavily into our ever growing communty to meet the growing needs of people seeking condition and treatment information in order to take control of their chronic health conditions in a positive way. The specificity our health hubs offer, enables you to place your brand, product or service directly before those actively seeking the solutions you provide. Plus as a client you will get the benefits of our social networking – we tweet, blog, facebook and pinterest for maximum reach, hits and cross-linking.


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Some of the opportunities we can offer include:

Advertising: leaderboards, banners, directory entries, advertorial pages, factsheets, videos, newsletter insertions,sampling, product reviews,
Sponsorship: monthly online clinics, talkhealth patient forumspatient support programmesdisease awareness education
Campaigns: surveys and trials, patient trackers, freebies and samples, case studies

talkhealth is able to offer a fully integrated online marketing solution, including full design and copywriting services. To find out more about our opportunities contact us directly either by phone (01256 962250) or email

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