Expert clinic on gynaecology


talkhealth teamed up with The Eve Appeal and Womb Cancer Support UK to offer an online expert clinic on gynaecology. 

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The clinic is an online forum, please contact us if you’re unsure how it works!

Clinical experts answered questions about gynaecological issues including menopause, hysterectomy, pregnancy and fertility as well as questions on menstruation, endometriosis, cervical screening tests and gynae cancers.

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Medical Experts

Dr Rebecca Foljambe


Miss. Georgina Fraser

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Tracie Miles


Supporting Partners

The Eve Appeal

The Eve Appeal is dedicated to funding research and raising awareness for the five gynaecological cancers. In the UK, 58 women a day are diagnosed with a gynae cancer. 21 of those will not survive. The Eve Appeal’s vision is for a world to exist where fewer people are diagnosed with a gynae cancer and more people survive. The Eve Appeal supports ground-breaking research into early detection, risk prediction and prevention, in the hope of one day stopping these cancers before they start.

Read more about The Eve Appeal

Womb Cancer Support UK

Womb Cancer Support UK are a small voluntary organisation based on Isle of Bute off west coast of Scotland but we cover the whole of UK.

Our aim is to support women who have been diagnosed with womb cancer and also to raise much needed awareness of the most common gynaecological cancer and the 4th most common cancer in women in UK.

Read more about Womb cancer support UK