VIDEO: TH+ Expert Webinar with consulting medical herbalist Anita Ralph on Reflux

The festive season is known for rich foods, good wines and plenty of socialising. While the run-up to Christmas might be a little different this year, one thing’s bound to be the same: acid reflux. All that heavy grub and booze can play havoc on our digestive systems at the best of time - let alone those of us with GERD

But there are things we can do to limit the reflux flames. We hosted a webinar on the subject with the fantastic consulting medical herbalist Anita Ralph and she explains how we can self-manage reflux issues and tips for surviving the festive season. 

In this webinar, we cover:

  • Why reflux happens
  • How to self-manage symptoms
  • Common triggers
  • Medicinal plants associated with soothing reflux