TH+ Webinar with Dr Rebecca Foljambe: Creating empowering conversations around consent and the ‘planned wanted child’

The Birds and The Bees! At one point or another, many of us will have to sit down with our children to have that chat.

You’ll tick the obvious boxes: how sex works, why people do it, how to stay safe and possible protection. But have you given time to teaching the one you care for about sexual consent and what life is really like with a baby?

After all, however special having a child may be, there is no denying that bringing someone up is emotionally, economically and not to mention time consuming - especially when young people take the jump with little knowledge of what might lay ahead.

Sure, we know about consent, but how can we empower younger generations to engage positively with being able to take control of sex? We have brought them up, but how can we chat openly about the possible hardships young parents might face?

Dr Rebecca Foljambe, GP and founder of charity You Before Two, is here to chat with us about how we can create and engage in positive conversations around consent and sexual relationships with the next generation.

You Before Two promotes the education of secondary school-aged children on the issues of sexual health, sexual consent, mental health, safety online and more. Her work is committed to promoting the ‘planned wanted child’ concept.

This expert webinar covers:

  • What sexual consent is in 2021
  • How to promote healthy consent-conscious relationships in younger generations
  • The role of the internet in young people’s relationship to sex in 2021
  • Understanding the concept of the ‘planned wanted child’

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Expert Profile

Dr. Rebecca Foljambe is a GP with 10 years of experience. Rebecca graduated from University College London with a degree in medicine and an additional BSc in Speech Science and Communication Psychology. She also has letters of competency to insert coils and implants and deliver evidence-based Family Planning advice to her female patients.

Rebecca created the charity You Before Two to promote the education of secondary school aged children on the issues of sexual health, sexual consent, mental health, safety online and more. She has devised a set of workshops that she delivers online and in person in North Nottinghamshire schools and passionately promotes the concept of the ‘planned wanted child,’ which also ties into her role as Trustee for the charity Population Matters.

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