Reoccurring brown discharge

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by LauraEl123 on Fri Sep 11, 2020 12:52 pm

Reoccurring brown discharge

Hi everyone!

Been stressing out a lot recently and it's taking it's toll! I'll apologise in advance for the long speil I'm away to write!

I'll also start by saying I'm 100% not pregnant, and I have had smears done which came back fine. (Routine one in February 2019, and another one due to this situation). I'm a 27 year old female, 5'4 and weigh about 9-9.5 stone.

So it all started September last year (I think)
I was just away to leave the house and I got two really sharp pains in the left side of my abdomen, only lasted a few seconds each time but they felt really sharp. Anyway, I didn't think much about it because I get completely fine before and after it so I went out as normal and a couple of hours later I went to pee and when I wiped I seen a pink blood. Strange because my period had been finished for about a week. Anyway, again I didn't overthink it too much, thought it must just be a bit of extra period my body decided to spring on me.

Since then, I had experienced very very light pinky/browny tinges on the toilet roll but only occasionally. I did start getting a bit worried so I went to the doctors in November who done a swab for STI's and infections, so when I got my results they said i didn't have any STIs however I had slight BV so was given a weeks course of anti-biotics... but the weird pink/brown discharge kept happening, most of the time about a 1.5 weeks after my period. Or at least that's when I'd notice it..
I googled and googled (bad, I know) and it kept saying this was probably due to ovulation so I just kept putting it down to that, then I'd forget about it until I experienced it again which would then make me stress out again. This happened on loop until about July this year. I bit the bullet and tried the doctors again. They performed another physical examination and swab which came back clear however during the exam the Dr thought she maybe felt something but also said she wasn't sure if it was just in my Anyways she organised an ultrasound for me incase it was fibroids, but they also said this looked normal (abdominal ultrasound only, they said they could see enough and didn't need to do a transvaginal US)
So after this I decided to go Private to try get to the bottom of it. This doctor performed another physical exam and said she couldn't feel or see anything wrong with my cervix and she prescribed me with a 3 month course of the contraceptive pill Microgynon incase it was hormonal, and she said we will re-assess in 3 months. I'm half way into my first month on the pill, started it on the first day of my period as instructed. My period has ended but I've had pretty constant brown discharge since, sometimes only tinges the toilet roll but sometimes there is dark brown stringy bits or some sort of really thin tissue lining??? Sorry i'm not sure what to call it (sorry for the TMI)
The doctor also said if I am still having issues then we would look into getting a Hysteroscopy done, but I reeeeeallly do not want one as I've read horrible stories about it. So I would rather go for any other option.

No one had ever offered any blood tests while on the NHS or private, I had to ask the doctor for one when I had my private consult. Not sure what type of blood test it was but I think it was just iron levels and stuff which came back normal.

Only other thing I can think to add is one time I went out for a 13 mile bike ride and when I came home I was bleeding slightly. But other than that when I go for a run or whatever it has been fine.

I was convinced I had PID from the first BV infection if the anti-biotics didn't clear it up properly. I asked the private Dr about this and she said it can't be that because I've had other swabs and they came back clear, but I've read online that PID wouldn't flag up on a test (not sure how right that is though)
My partner (female) has also experienced symptoms that sound like PID so this also made me lean towards it being related to that) She hasn't bled though but she has had pain and trouble urinating and stuff so unsure if it's related at all.

I've googled other stuff like endometriosis, PCOS or polyps and fibroids and honestly nothing else sounded like my symptoms. I've never had bad periods, just the usual cramps but it hasn't ever stopped me living life normally. I have got slightly more bloated and tender in my abdomen during the month since all of this, plus some very mild cramps even when I’m not on my period. Not horrendously in pain or anything, just mildly uncomfortable. Even wondering about perimenopause???

The other thing I worry about is the obvious, cancer. But my tests came back normal so I'm not sure if I just worry too much or if it's still possible.

Again, I'm sorry for the novel but if you've made it this far then thank you, I appreciate it so much!

If any of you have experienced any of these symptoms and think I should be worried or ask for any tests etc in specific then please please let me know.

Thanks in advance xx