How to find a man when you have alopecia

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by RebeccaD on Thu Oct 08, 2015 9:23 pm

How to find a man when you have alopecia

Losing your hair is devastating. Your hair represents your personality, your identity and health. One of the reasons I post lots of pictures showcasing different styles is to demonstrate how different you appear by just changing your hair. To lose it utterly transforms your appearance. You are disfigured.

When you hate your own appearance you can’t imagine that anyone will ever find you attractive again. Single women fear they will never find another partner. Married women worry their husbands will go off them. Sadly if you stay too long in a depressive state you will self-fulfil these prophecies.

The key to it all is confidence. When you know you look good, you feel a lot more confident. If it’s only your hair keeping you down there are plenty of options. You can take back control and have a LOT of fun with it. You may even prefer the new you. I hear you cry:

Can everyone tell my hair is not real?

It doesn’t feel natural to me!

Surely my man will leave when he finds out the truth!

Won’t it be uncomfortable?

It will be more than I can afford?

I can’t hide it forever!

All not true. You never have to show your partner, anyone or even yourself if you don’t want to. Personally I think it’s healthy to accept yourself but that comes later… You can chose your fantasy hair and permanently attach it. There are thousands and thousands of people wearing hair systems, but do you ever see any? No because you can’t tell.

Looks are important when attracting a man. They are important to you. Most husbands will love you regardless, but I guarantee they show a lot more interest when you’re looking and feeling good.

Find the right product and you’ll get your confidence back by the bucket load. Go date and be honest about it when the subject of your amazing hair comes up. If it doesn’t bother you it won’t bother your partner. He/she will take their cue from you. You have thin hair, you cheat, so what? Everyone’s doing it. :D
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