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please is anyone else feeling the same?

Postby joashjo on Thu Oct 20, 2011 8:02 pm

Hi, im thinking im glad i found this sight ! IM 32 yrs old and was diagnosed as post menopausel about 6 months ago. Since then i have been on hrt climagest 1mg for 3 months but all the symptons of flushes, dry skin, itchy eyes and horribleness came back so they put me on to the 2mg. my problem is im now on the final week of the 4 week pack of pills and i have what i can only explain as pmt symptons. i become so snappy amd argumentative, i could eat a house , i become so tired and grumpy and lose the spice of life. im worried that this may be nothing to do with the pills and that im just horrible and possibly a bit depressive. im worried that if i keep going back to the doctors he going to think im wasting his time or moaning about nothing considering the menopausel symptoms are so much improved. Please someone tell me im normal !
At the end of my tether - Paula
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Re: please is anyone else feeling the same?

Postby Christielynn on Sat Oct 22, 2011 7:50 pm

Hi Paula,
You are not alone. I went through perimenopause in my thirties and by age 44 I was in menopause. I had all the symptoms you describe. I was grumpy and tired and couldn't get through the day without a nap. I had anxiety and panic attacks. I was bloated and bitchy. My family didn't know what was going on. I thought for sure I was losing my mind. I went to my doctor who didn't explain one thing to me. He only wanted to prescribe pills. So I researched and found answers on my own. I ended up going to the largest nutrition school in the world. I learned that by eating healthy foods, I could get rid of the nasty symptoms I was experiencing. I had a rough couple of years and wish I had known what I know now. I feel amazing every day. I will be 50 in April and I feel better now than I did when I was in my 20's! Yes, it's true! I feel so bad for you, because I know how it is. I've been there. I'm reaching out to women all over the nation to help them get through this. It can be done naturally through food. Doctors aren't trained in nutrition, so they can't tell you that. I coach women through this tough time and they even get added bonuses, like losing extra weight, lower cholesterol and much more energy. I wish you the very best, I really hope you find the answers.
My best,
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Re: please is anyone else feeling the same?

Postby Delia on Thu Nov 24, 2011 10:40 am

I think you need to go back to your doctor to find out if this is normal. I think I've just started the menopause so your symptoms on HRT are interesting to me. I thought the symptoms went if you are on HRT ..... It's been a while since your last post - have you been back to the doctor? If so, what did the doctor say?

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Re: please is anyone else feeling the same?

Postby Strong84 on Wed Jun 06, 2012 1:01 pm

These symptoms are normal, do not worry. Everything will be all right after a while.
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Re: please is anyone else feeling the same?

Postby natiboo on Wed Feb 11, 2015 6:27 pm

Just been told that i,m going through the menopause, Im 45 and feel like a space hopper. Are there any calories in water! ;)
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Re: please is anyone else feeling the same?

Postby madmaz333 on Mon Nov 07, 2016 3:00 pm

Hi I'm 36 and have been through cancer and stem cell transplant which has lead to the early menopause for me. I've been on HRT for 2 years recently upped my patch from half twice a week to a full twice a week and now have a bleed every 10 days. My anxiety has been increasing and I've been feeling like I'm going mad, since 2015, I've near enough stopped driving, am scared of train journeys and taking my 7 year old daughter out on my own let alone going to work which I have struggled with and also socialising. I was always very confident and social before. The doctor tried to give me medication but I pushed to see a therapist which has helped a little. I'm still under the wing of my cancer specialists and will be seeing the gynocology team in the next couple of weeks. I've read an article on here regarding diet and was wondering if this really works? I eat quite healthy, but have ready to eat my oily fish and brown bread/pasta. I have swapped my car at the beginning of the year for cycling 60 miles a week instead of driving, as I know this is good for my bones. I'm on calcium supplements/cod liver oil and B12 folic acid.
I've started yoga too which helps, I did start meditation and need to get back on bored with that as it was helping, any advice would be greatly received? would the HRT patches be affecting my moods also, with the periods I have every 10 days also maybe that's what is making me so low?
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