Wanting to get pregnant

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Wanting to get pregnant

Am hoping to get pregnant but my sister had lots of problems conceiving and I'm wondering if there's anything I can do in preparation for trying to get pregnant so that it won't take so long.

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by Ali Mortimer on Thu Aug 08, 2019 11:20 am

Re: Wanting to get pregnant

Hi Julie!
What an exciting time for you!
The best thing you can do to prepare for your body is ensure that it is happy and healthy! Some simple things you can do are:
- eat whole foods (foods in their original state - proteins, grains and fruit and veg), less processed foods
- drink plenty of water and herbal tea (around 2L is recommended a day), less caffeine, alcohol nd sugary drinks.
- take regular exercise, moving your body in a way you love - around 150minutes a week is recommended. It doesn't all have to be high intensity... gardening, yoga, walking, dancing inyour kitchen all count!
- ensure you get plenty of good quality sleep - 8 hours a night is recommended; if you struggle with sleep, ensure you have a good bedtime routine (bath, reading etc) and practice good 'screen' health (ie. limit screen time 60 minutes before going to bed)
- keep your stress levels down; chronic or prolonged stress can mean our fertility and reproductive systems aren't working at their optimal levels - so take some time for yourself and relax daily.
- there are some good prenatal supplements you can take too - either ask your GP or pharmacist for some good brands.

And one thing my GP advised me to do when I was starting a family - not to worry about it! Just enjoy the act of making a baby first rather than counting days in your cycle!

I hope that helps... if you have any further questions, please ask!
Best wishes
Ali Mortimer
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