Unidentified Skin Issue

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by Francescalee on Tue Sep 24, 2019 5:09 pm

Unidentified Skin Issue

My son (2 years & 3 months old) started experiencing dry skin about 4-5 months ago. Initially it started off as a small patch on his belly (not red or scaly, just dry). I went to my GP and he prescribed Hydrocortisone and Cetraben creams for me to try for a week then review. After the week it didn't improve, it actually spread and so he prescribed Betnovate. Again it didn't improve and then he prescribed Fucidin, yet again it didn't work and has now spread to majority of his back, chest, legs and arms.

I must stress, that I was always a bit weary of the initial diagnosis of eczema, only because it doesn't itch in the slightest. My son shows absolutely no signs of discomfort and other than the look of it, it doesn't bother him in the slightest.

I was then referred to a dermatologist, but 2 days ago, these patches developed big red spots (I actually thought he had chickenpox to begin with!). It looks like chickenpox but he has no other symptoms, no fever, no itchiness and actually after the first day they had all completely scabbed over. and these spots are ONLY within his existing patches which is strange if it were chickenpox.

I saw the dermatologist today and to be honest, she was flabbergasted also. Everything she thinks it could possibly be he would either be super itchy or unwell in himself which he isn't.

Which is why i'm posting this here in the hope that someone might know what it is or have had a similar experience? Hate seeing my little boy with this all over his skin, any help will be hugely appreciated. Please see attached photos for reference. Thank you
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Julie Van Onselen
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by Julie Van Onselen on Mon Sep 30, 2019 4:22 pm

Re: Unidentified Skin Issue

Dear Frances

I am sorry to see that your son has problems with his skin. It is good that you have been referred to a dermatologist, we would not really be able to add anything more in terms of diagnosis, as the dermatologist would have taken a full history and examined your son - unfortunately this is impossible to do with the images provided. Itch is usually an eczema sign, unusual to be absent but your son has been prescribed emollients (Cetraben) and Betnovate.

It would be worth making sure you are getting the best out of the treatments prescribed. Cetraben should be used for washing and frequent moisturising Use lots - up to a pump every week) - avoid all soaps and bubble baths. Use the topical steroid for 7 nights (once a day application after bathing, patting dry, applying a thin layer to the red areas- then waiting 30 minutes and applying emollient all over),then every other night for a week. Topical steroids can be ineffective if too little is used or they are not used for a short course, as described above.

I do hope that your dermatologist can confirm a diagnosis. I hope this helps.
Julie Van Onselen
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