Baby eczema

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by whisper91 on Wed Jan 13, 2016 11:09 am

Baby eczema

Hi, my 5 month old son has eczema on his feet, legs and hands. Could you tell me what body wash I could use which will not irritate his skin? Thanks.

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Justine Greenwood
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by Justine Greenwood on Mon Jan 18, 2016 1:18 pm

Re: Baby eczema

Dear whisper91,

Thank you for your post. I am sorry to hear your baby is suffering with eczema.

I would recommend using an emollient cream as a soap substitute whilst the skin is flaring up. There are also specially formulated bath oils for sensitive skin and those who suffer from eczema. Your local community pharmacist will be able to recommend those.

Always use a fragrance free product and pat dry the delicate skin.

This website from NHS choices also has some extra useful information which may help: ... aspx#close

Best wishes,

Justine Greenwood
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