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Baby with eczema

Postby HarryW on Mon Nov 14, 2011 1:38 pm


I'm mum to a 13 month baby son, who was diagnosed with eczema quite a while back. I forget exactly when - he was born looking a bit scaly then got something we thought was cradle cap. Anyway it wasn't going anywhere and a dermatologist confirmed atopic dermatitis. Since then the scalp has cleared up but red patches have set up camp on his face and knee creases, with occasional forays onto the back and arms.

We're on the usual management regime of moisturisers and topical steroids. To begin with the steroids would clear it within a few days then we could have a 7 day break. Recently the the 1% hydrocortisone isn't clearing it so we're using a stronger cream. It getting worse rather than better has thrown me a bit, as I've been trying to take it in my stride as a common childhood condition which he'll grow out of soon.

It is very frustrating not to be able to make it go away. But everything I've read suggests its not often so simple to identify and isolate causes, so we're taking what action we can regards common triggers like dust and not beating ourselves up too much about the others.

I'm pleased to find this forum, and look forward to swapping stories and support with other people in similar situations. So far the eczema hasn't intruded massively on my son's life. He is itchy and upset at times and I just hope it doesn't get any worse. Above all I'm just keen to be the best parent I can in helping him deal with the physical and emotional sides of this condition.


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Re: Baby with eczema

Postby iceryder on Sun Feb 05, 2012 3:58 pm

We've been doing the "eczema" thing since our grandson was just a few months old; he is now 19 months. We have used tips from this forum along with endless research.

Today he is flare free for about ten days. His skin, normally feeling like tissue paper, is creamy and soft. My daughter, first-time mother, now knows how a baby's skin should feel.

I decided to post some of the information in regard to things we have used that I think have gotten us to this point.

I have come to suspect that not everything works the same for every child. But having the information out there as possibilities at least can give hope.

Maybe one suggestion will help one baby.

This is a combination of a few different posts; not in any specific order:

For our grandson, who we babysit, we do two soaks per day (no soap, lukewarm water), and vaseline him while in the water to lock in the moisture.

(Update: We are having a successful trial of soaking in epsom salt, sea salt, apple cider vinegar, and at the end of the soak a little olive oil, my version called the "salad dressing" soak.)

We use CeraVe moisturizer (his parents were using Aveeno, but oatmeal can dry the skin, so he's much better now that they're also using CeraVe).

We have several air purifiers going in the house.

I put sea salt and epsom salts in the soak water, and while filling the sink, the water is run through a dechlorinator ball (chlorine can dry the skin also).

We take him outside every day as Vitamin D from the sun also helps.

All cotton clothes; all cotton bedding.

Here is some info from a previous post in another thread:

Our grandson started eczema at about three months. He is 19 months now. We have worked diligently to find out as much as we could, not only about how to treat it, but how to stop the flares.

Here are a few suggestions:

* All cotton clothes (for baby and anyone else who holds him)
* All cotton blankets and bedsheets
* Wash in "all free" detergents, and use "all free" fabric softeners
* No fragrances on family members
* Daily soak (no soap, no shampoo; he has not had any soap or shampoo for over a year) in lukewarm water
* Vaseline soaks when needed
* Immediate moisturizer (CeraVe) after soaks
* Wet wraps when needed
* Apply allergy / dust mite covers to all mattresses and pillows
* Dogs stay outside; cat removed
* Remove carpets; hepa filter
* Address mold and mildew
* Humidifier (or de-humidifier as needed) keeping humidity at 40-50% (dust mites proliferate in humidity)
* For the eating toddler, no milk, no wheat, no citrus (burns the fragile face)
* we have air purifiers in every room
* got rid of the stuffed comfy sofas (replaced with faux leather)
* tossed out all extraneous pillows and stuffed animals (the few we kept are washed weekly)
* use an anti-bacterial type gym mat on tile floors of living and family rooms in place of rugs
* got a bath ball to filter chlorine from bath water
* have two negative ionizers
* pre-wash new clothes (we put him in a costume yesterday for pictures, didn't pre-wash and he broke out)
* outside suntime every day (vit D good for skin)
* a soak and change clothes after being in public places
* try not to be exposed to cat dander

We are being very pro-active and aggressive in working to reduce the eczema.

Some of these things may work and be of benefit some may be a shot in the dark but at least we're trying hard! :-)

I read a study about kids with eczema having more emotional problems; poor sleep from eczema may be a cause.

It may be hard to find the triggers but I think you have to be determined and keep trying.

Our 19 month-old grandson has suffered with eczema from three months old.

We found that his main trigger was cat dander. Although no cats live in his home or our home, the other grandmother has a cat and she (and the cat) used to live in the baby's bedroom before he was born. They moved out before the baby was born. (Cat dander hangs around for years; the dermatologist said that cat sensitivity is the #1 allergen.) The bed is still in there along with the crib.

He would get a flare every week after being visited by that grandmother on Sundays. The parents advised her on wearing clean clothes to the visit, keeping the cat confined to an unused room away from her clothes, cutting down on the transfer of dander from her place to their place.

We stopped using our yearly zoo passes which compounded the exposure to animal dander.

He became appreciably better, altho not perfect.

Next step was doing a super cleaning on the carpets and furniture, particularly in his room; also installing air purifiers throughout their house. All mattresses and pillows were wrapped with allergy / dust mite covers.

In my house (we babysit during the week), we got rid of extraneous pillows which may hold dust mites, replaced the comfy stuffed sofas with new inexpensive faux leather pieces; and run air filters throughout.

Again, he showed another step up to being better; light eczema on elbows and ankles.

We do daily soapless lukewarm water baths. Constant moisturizing, topped with vaseline.

He has allergic shiners and rhinitis at times, so we're currently working on that by using the gluten-free diet. Rhinitis has stopped so far, and shiners are less noticeable. (Update: shiners are gone, no wheat, no milk.)

But we still have some work to do.

Oh, and we also give him a diet high in Omega 3 - 6; along with probiotics. Breakfast is generally avocado, plain greek yogurt, with a dash of flaxseed oil and acidophilus (altho I have heard that a strain of lactobacillus may be better).

Any other foods that boost the immune system are included (i.e. broccoli, yams) in his meals; and preservatives and food dyes are excluded.
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Re: Baby with eczema

Postby Marcie Mom on Thu Apr 19, 2012 5:19 am

Hi HarryW,

It's so fitting that you mention being the best parent! I've a support group (meets in Singapore) that is called Best Parent for Eczema Child support group ;)
Do check out the other members in this link, lots of parents are undergoing the same thing and this forum is also a great place for support!

Cheers to Happy Families!
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Re: Baby with eczema

Postby Liisa on Wed Jun 06, 2012 1:32 pm

I was very touched by your story and wanted to share what helped my daughter's eczema. It's a new Shea butter based skin care balm called SELEXIR Peace Balm.

I recognize that everybody's skin condition may react differently, but we've achieved great results! This product has cleared up my babies eczema within days. Best of all, it doesn`t contain any harsh chemicals or additives.

We couldn't be happier with the results!
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