Extremely severe eczema. Some tips.

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by ferda121 on Fri Aug 28, 2020 8:16 pm

Extremely severe eczema. Some tips.

Hey guys, Im new here.
I really needed somewhere to vent about my eczema so I signed up here.
I live in an area without much sun and no sea(Czechia). Holidays in hot climates with swimming in sea have always worked like magic.
But this year, our family couldnt go, because of the COVID-19 situation, so I didnt get a good tan and didnt even touch seawater.
I also started to sweeten my tea with honey, which (at the time) I didnt know I was allergic to. My diet basically consisted of cake, ice cream, KFC/McDonalds and cola :D . This all slowly but surely led to me being covered in hives and rashes. Everywhere. I am not kidding. Imagine any place on my body and I guarantee I had eczema there - The face, head, ears, all of my leg area, buttocks, back, belly, arms,neck,breast area. Probably the only area on my body that was eczema-free were my feet. It was also about the time that I stopped using corticosteroids on my body, as I was dumping so much on me that it started to weaken my skins thickness and immunity.

My dad (whom I had [like an idiot] refused to believe :I) forced me to stop eating honey, and within about a week, my eczema stopped being these red, large, swollen areas on my body (almost as if someone painted me with bright red), and had reduced to what I can only describe as small scabs in the typical places you expect eczema to be(red face, buttocks, scalp, breast and neck area). Ever since then Ive been somewhat managing it with a body lotion from Avéne, and Im currently trying out some other things like Protopan Complete, Cannabis creams,and although eczema still affects my daily life and sleep (especially my itching head :oops: ) its gotten a lot better.

I wanted to say, it all depends on how you treat your body from the inside. Eat a lot of refined sugar, dont excercise, gain some extra weight, eat stuff youre allergic to and youll soon be in the state I was in. I started drinking water, eating healthier (although I still occasionally get some of that KFC ;) )and I also started to excercise on my electrobike<- it helps make cycling fun, since i dont have to work so hard and get too worked up
Also about the elctrobike- My nose was always stuffy, since I didnt do anything besides sit at home. After cycling for a few weeks, my nose has almost magically cleared up. I tell you, its really about working out.
Id like to know, do you guys have anything that you stopped/started doing that helped your eczema? Also, sorry for some potential grammar mistakes, English isnt my native tongue.
Thanks :)

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by talkhealth on Wed Sep 02, 2020 11:50 am

Re: Extremely severe eczema. Some tips.

Hi ferda121,

Welcome to talkhealth and thank you for posting on the forum and sharing your story :)

It is so true that if we treat our bodies well from the inside then a lot of health issues clear up. Have you ever looked into the microbiome and feeding your gut with plenty of probiotics? This can really help with eczema. Please find some information here from one of our clients, 'Chuckling Goat' about how drinking kefir can really help with skin conditions.

https://www.chucklinggoat.co.uk/health- ... ng/eczema/

Your English is very good!

Kind regards
talkhealth team

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by Prycejosh1987 on Mon Oct 19, 2020 5:15 pm

Re: Extremely severe eczema. Some tips.

I agree, we can solve alot of problems in diet and vitamin intake. When we look after the body, it looks after us. Always work out and keep fit, i walk a lot everyday, and i try to consume less fats and control sugar intake. I drink less pop and eat more greens. Believe it or not i like my greens. Not as much as my younger brother obviously.

Latrice Sang
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by Latrice Sang on Tue Nov 17, 2020 6:18 am

Re: Extremely severe eczema. Some tips.

by clean living, we can definitely cure our bodies. Avoiding sugar is the best thing to do

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