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New to this forum - worsening symptoms

Postby pavster398 on Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:42 am

Hi all,

I am new to this and thought I would reach out.

I am a stroke survivor. I had my stroke 5 years ago post pregnancy and they think due to heart failure.

The last few years I've been aware of my remaining 'invisible symptoms' that I'm left with - a left sided weakness which is imperceptible to others and minor issues with my speech (not always noticeable to others).

Recently however I feel I'm noticing these more and more. Call me paranoid but I'm terrified they may be getting worse.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?
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Re: New to this forum - worsening symptoms

Postby blurmind on Thu Mar 16, 2017 2:08 pm


I am quite new to this forum and have no idea how many replies you have had but I hope you find mine helpful.

I also had a stroke ,10 months ago and mine was one of those that the doctors could not offer me any treatment besides the " by the book" lifetime Clopidogrel etc and also they were not able to work out why it happened on the first place. I am sure know the drill.

Anyways. I was quite lucky and I do not have any visible signs that I had a stroke . It only affected the left occipital and I had loss of vision on the right hand side. After the first 2 months a significant part of it came back and the doctors , when I meet them each time keep saying " lets see if it has come back " , however same as you after a few months it got significantly worse again and I though I am either loosing my mind or I have had another stroke! The panic did not help ... I went private this time and quickly got some test done ( including MRI) and physically there was no reason why my vision was worse.There was no change. Then few weeks later it got better again.

So , I tried to calm down as I released that these is no one to help me, or take me seriously and I need to work out if there is something I can do about it , so I started a diary . I record how much I sleep, exercise , what supplements I take and what food I eat and also how do I feel that day, how is my vision and do I have any funny sensations in my head and also what part of my menstrual cycle I am.

For myself I have noticed a pattern. I am still experimenting( changing diet, supplements) as on Chinese medicine blogs( also have a look at a book called the Chine study )..there are all sorts of different remedies , advises , findings ect and I have decided for myself to find out what is the way foward for me as no doctor will spend 2 months monitoring me and everything I do or attempt to offer me Whole foods diet ect. (Well unless I am rich but I am not..:( )

I will strongly suggest you do the same. Even in two months if you have no idea whether there is a pattern or not you can take it to you doctor or look for an alternative medicine clinic near you and take it to them and let them have a look at it. You might be able to work out that something very simple can control that fluctuation but no one will know better that you , but I will tell you that based on my experience you are not paranoid ...day to day things differ. No one knows your own body better than you do.But don't panic , for me now I have worked out how to keep it constantly better ( 3 weeks now ) and I am determined to keep it up. If I can I am sure you will be able to do the same

I hope you find this helpful. Take care
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