Medtronic Neurostimulator for Overactive Bladder

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by jomart50 on Tue Oct 04, 2016 4:07 pm

Medtronic Neurostimulator for Overactive Bladder

I'm a 66 year old female and have been incontinent for about six years, due to an overactive bladder. It has gradually got worse over the years and despite trying five or six different medications and three sessions of botox, nothing helped. It just got worse. About a year ago my consultant recommended a Sacral Nerve Neurostimulator. In May this year I had a temporary one fitted and noticed the difference immediately, I had a dry night for the first time in months, could get to the toilet without crossing my legs and seldom had any leakage at all. Unfortunately I managed to dislodge it and it was removed, so back to wetting at night and urge incontinence.
The trial was enough, though for my consultant to decide to give me a permanent implant. This was done three weeks ago and connected a week later. I was so excited and had such high hopes, but my symptoms seem to have got worse. There are four different programmes to try and I've to be on each of them for three weeks. If a programme works for me, I can stay on it, otherwise I move onto the next one.
Others who had a stimulator fitted at the same time as me, had bladder retention. Is there anyone, who, like me suffer from over active and urge incontinence who've had a sacral nerve stimulator fitted. It would be good to hear of your experiences. I will update you as to how I am doing over this twelve week trial period.
I'm so fed up of wearing these giant over sized nappy pads provided by the NHS. I did buy my own neater incontinence pants up until three months ago, but they got so expensive, I had to give in and take those provided.

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by talkhealth on Wed Oct 19, 2016 9:37 am

Re: Medtronic Neurostimulator for Overactive Bladder

Hi Jomart50,

It sounds like it's been quite a rocky road trying to find a system that works for you!

Sacral Nerve Neurostimulators seem like quite a modern approach to the problem of overactive bladders and it would be very interesting to hear other people's experiences with them. In the meantime please do keep us posted and perhaps after the full 12 weeks you'd be willing to write a patient journey story about your experience? I'm sure it would be of great help to other patients considering their treatment options?

With very best wishes,

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