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Unidentified Skin Condition

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by tanskincare on Tue Jul 28, 2020 2:09 am

Unidentified Skin Condition

Hi! My girlfriend has been dealing with an unidentified skin condition for the past year and nothing we try seems to work. Some background, about a year ago, my girlfriend got infected with Scabies - but was able to take medication and recover from it. However, since then, small (sometimes pus-filled) spots appear randomly across her upper body. Infecting her chest, back, next, sometimes face, but rarely below the waist. The STRANGEST thing about the spots is that they come and go - it can be completely gone for a week then suddenly breakout the next morning. It doesn't appear to follow any pattern, as we have monitored her diet/lifestyle/use of products/sleep/anxiety...etc.

Here is some key information we have collected:
-Products she has tried: antibacterial/antifungal shampoo and medicine, sulfur, hydrocortisone, salicylic acid, all types of moisturizers and skin products
-Her skin feels very, very dry and tight. Without moisturizer, she feels her skin crack. She never had underlying dry skin issues in the past
-As mentioned, the spots occur spontaneously and all over the upper body (rarely below the waist), and come often get better/worse overnight

She has seen a dermatologist who simply recommended an antibiotic cream, and she has another appointment soon. However, before the appointment I wanted to see whether the community would have any guesses/thoughts as to what this condition is - so that we can inquire about it with the derm. This illness has taken a serious emotional and mental toll on my girlfriend and I, and although it isn't the most serious condition, we both feel sad and helpless about this reoccuring issue.

We would appreciate any kind of information that can help! Thank you guys.
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