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19-Male-Flawless skin turned bad/ STUMPED!!

Postby AppositeRoll on Fri Dec 09, 2016 3:34 am

At around 18 I randomly started to form a bit of acne but never thought much of it. My parents bought me OXY wipes for my face at 17 and I kept using them quite vigorously across my face every time I got a single pimple, and it seemed to go away. it slowly progressed around my cheeks. Around the same time I was diagnosed with ADHD and was prescribed 64mg of concerta I'd take at 8 am and then 2 10 mg pills of Ritalin at 4 pm. Daily. My doctors said the medication won't affect my acne. Acne became worse. I saw a dermatologist, I was prescribed with tetracycline for 3 months, took that parallel to taking my ADHD meds and it went away almost completely. slowly after the antibiotics were done it came back, this time much worse. Around my nose around my chin under both edges of my mouth all the way down to my chin was (AND IS) completely red. throughout this struggle I've tried benzoyl peroxide topical treatment, aloe vera, cutting out dairy and meat, cutting out my ADHD medications, different cleansers, changing my pillow cases every week (and bed sheets), making sure my hands are clean 24/7, almost everything in the book.
Currently I haven't taken my ADHD medication in almost a month, I'm washing my face daily with antibiotic soap called Дегтярное "Diegtyarnoe" soap.. some russian stuff that seemed to help rashes and inflammation yet leaves my face very dry, (pic: ... r_soap.jpg) And after, treating my face with Aloe Vera, and finally spot treating the acne with Manuka Honey.
This method seems the most efficient butt these wretched acne bumps keep crawling out of my skin and it's killing me, and the weirdest thing is my acne seems symmetrical! I have two huge red bumps on both sides of my forehead(near my hairline) and it's almost as if they're mirrored! I don't understand. Please share your advise regarding this situation because I've had to lose work and spent a lot of money and heart ache about this and I need to find a solution.
p.s I've used those OXY cleansers with force quite regularly which totally makes sense if it was the initial cause of the worse acne, but now almost 4 years later I'm almost out of options.
pics of situation: Thanks in advance.
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Re: 19-Male-Flawless skin turned bad/ STUMPED!!

Postby EssentiallyLili on Tue Dec 27, 2016 12:28 pm

Hi, so sorry to hear about what you have been going through.
There's nothing worse when your skin is causing havoc and breaking out.

The products you are using - from wipes, medication and soaps - all sound quite harsh on your skin. As they wipe the bacteria off the surface, they are drying out the base. The medication then messes up your gut as well as the reserves under your skin, which sends mixed messages to your body to produce more sebum and therefore carry on breaking out.

When I was in my teens, I tried to treat my skin with antibiotics, which I became immune to. Then I moved onto Accutane (or Roaccutane in some parts of the world) and as a teenager, I hoped this would do the trick. Instead, it messed up my insides and I had a reaction from within causing my body to come out in eczema from head to thigh. The skincare products I used I found would soothe my skin for a bit, but then it felt like plaster drying ... hurt like hell even to smile, felt like my face was going to fall off. These products (won't mention names as they are famous commercial brands) were ripping the natural oil reserves from my skin, causing my skin to keep creating, breaking out, drying me out, making more and so on and so on ...

Cut long story short, I ditched the drugs, and chose the help with a naturopath (this worked for me - I tried herbalist, acupunture, ayurvedic etc. ) The detox diet was hard to do but I cleared my gut of all the toxins. I did this under supervision for 4 weeks. I didn't use any products at that time as I had to allow my body to restore itself with good clean foods. Today, the occasional breakouts I get at my age are hormone-time of month - indulging in what I shouldn't be eating - sometimes indulgence in things we are intolerant to comes at a price.

For you, I would suggest keeping an honest diary about what you're eating / feeling and what happens to your skin - so if you're stressed and you've had lots of dairy products for example and break out the next day, this can help you pinpoint what is causing your reactions. Cut back on the sugar intake and carbs - hard I know, but try even for a week, just to see what happens. Instead of using the wipes, wash your face with warm water, and perhaps use some almond or coconut oil to wipe your skin. See how you go with these few changes... and be patient, it might not happen overnight, but you should notice a change with these alternations first. Wish you good luck, let me know how you go, Lili
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Re: 19-Male-Flawless skin turned bad/ STUMPED!!

Postby Lisa BSF on Tue Jul 17, 2018 11:34 am

Hi there,
We currently have a clinic on acne and spots until Thursday 19th July.
Log on here to ask dermatologists your questions.
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