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Allergies due to molds

Postby Joanjoher on Thu Nov 29, 2018 11:19 am

I've been suffering from allergies such as sneezing and sore eyes for 2 months now. I recently noticed my allergic reactions are worse when I'm at home but, I feel better when I go out. While discussing about my problem with my cousin who is a skin doctor, she said that it is because of the allergic reaction of mold which appears on the cracks in the wall and foundation of my house.
So I called a foundation repair company and, they fixed everything.
My cousin said that there are some toxic molds which can have a mental effect on people much more severe than the allergic symptoms caused by other non-toxic molds. Is it true? What do you think about her opinion? Do waterproofing the entire house prevent the growth of these molds?Any remedy to get rid of these allergies due to mold?
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Re: Allergies due to molds

Postby IAQ Knowledge on Sat Dec 22, 2018 8:18 pm

I feel your frustration with this subject. I was a Certified mold inspector for four years and I also have been in the Indoor Air Quality Business for 35 years so I may be able to share some free advice that I hope may help you. People that are around, lets say mold for a period of time, can be sensitized to it. That's when the symptoms will appear. Now it could be because of a combinations of things. Such as: Do you have any pets? Cats are the worse. They lick them selves and the protein from their dried saliva goes airborne along with their dander and can remain in the air in your home for up to two years even after your cat is gone.

What section of the country are you from? If you have an A/C unit, when is the last time you had your A/C coils cleaned? I.m sure you have a pillow. When is the last time you changed it? If you have a pillow that is four years old, 1/10th of the weight of your pillow is dust mites, their body parts and their droppings. Also the average mattress has between two and ten million dust mites that poop on average 20 times a day, each! The protein from their droppings can really do a number on your allergies.

You want to keep the humidity in your home below 60% Any water spills or leaks should be corrected and dried. Within 24 to 48 hours, mold spores will start to grow when exposed to moisture. Do not use bleach to try to kill mold. Bleach is 97% water. When the Chlorine evaporates, water is left behind and you will see the mold return within a couple weeks. If you show any water stains on your ceiling and on your walls and you are now having allergy problems, you may want to hire a CERTIFIED Mold Inspector. They should take samples and send them off to a Certified Lab where they will grow cultures and your Mold Inspector should give you a copy of their report. If your Mold Inspector tells you it is mold before getting results, let him go! He may say, that appears to be mold but we have to wait to get a report back from the lab. Then you got a good one!

He should also use a moisture meter to place all over your walls to see if the moisture level is high enough to actually grow mold. The number has to be over 17. If you have a lot of plants in the house and there is dirt in the pots, you can have mold in the dirt. if I remember the spelling it is Fusarium. Hepa filters will not address the problems that mold will inflict on you. The smallest particulate a H.E.P.A filter will remove from the air is 0.3 microns. Most contaminates are smaller than this and will go right through the filter. I use a system that will remove particulates down to .001 microns. It will also drop the dust, pollen and dander from the air in my entire home. I love it because it will deactivate mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, break down chemical gasses and biological contaminates. I have had one for 12 years and have had only one cold. My sinuses are always clear. No more allergy pills or doctors. I know that N.A.S.A. came up with the technology. I also love the fact that they have no filters and are self sterilizing. Things just keep getting better and better.
Check the drip pan below your air handler for standing water. It may be full of algae. If you are like most people and you have things like bleach bottles, laundry detergent and other cleaners in your home, place them in a plastic container and cover it with a tight fitting lid. You don't need those chemical gasses going all throughout your home 24/7. If you have any air fresheners in your home or scented candles, toss them in the trash outside.

They are toxic and can cause allergies and even lead to allergy induced asthma. Go to your search engine and type in Toxic Air Fresheners. Better take a snack with you, You are going to be there for a long time. Get ready to get real mad at out government for what they allow. The fragrance industry are not required to list all the chemicals that are in their product even if it may cause cancer. Over 70% of the chemicals have never been tested for safety. I use to do a one and a half hour lecture to allergist and pulmonary doctors.I would blow their minds.

Well although a little long winded, I hope that I have helped yourself and others out.

Joe Knowledge
IAQ Knowledge
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Re: Allergies due to molds

Postby talkhealth on Mon Dec 24, 2018 9:12 am

Hi IAQ Knowledge

Thank you for your very helpful and informative post.

Kind regards
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