Mold allergy or toxicity?

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by on Sat Jan 07, 2023 10:03 pm

Mold allergy or toxicity?


Some background information:
I live in an old house from 1880 with high moisture inside. There are some places in the house near wkndows and against walls with some black looking mold spots.

Since 3 years ago im having worsening health problems which i cant explain. It began with burning eyes when i looked at PC screens and when i woke up. The following year some eczemia around my mouth and inflammation of the skin around my eyes were common symptoms.

At this point i strongly suspected a dust mite allergy which i got tested for along with some other common inhaled allergens. All of these were found to be negative via an official skin test at the medical centre.

This fall and winter symptoms are getting even worse with more respitory problems like wheezing, trouble breathing in crowded rooms. I now suspect it to be the mold.thats common in out house.
Some extra problems im having when cleaning the mold are weird muscle aches in the jaw, and random other body parts and some kind of metal scent (ketones). The metal smell i recognize from my diabetes type 1. When i hyperglycemic i also lightly get this smell.

The symptoms i have pretty much always flare up when i am inside the house and they come in waves. All these constant symptoms made it that i right nownhave a reallly hard time functioning. I used to like to go out alot, bit these problems have made me a hermit trying to find out what the problem is, or too tired to do anything.

Im in a waiting list for an appiontment with my doctor. Do these symptoms and the way i described them look like a mold problem? Or are there possible other things i am overlooking?

Thanks in advance

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by MissCandyGirl on Wed Jan 25, 2023 10:37 am

Re: Mold allergy or toxicity?

You're allergic to the mold in your home.

You MUST have a professional come in and remove it. If it is as bad as you say, you need to deal with it immediately. This mold carrie spores: these spores go into your lungs and make you sick. I'd advise staying with a friend for the time being: and - again - get a professional to fully remove ALL the mold in your home.

Please act today.

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