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Online clinic on skin conditions - Sept 2018

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Other Skin Conditions

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Schambergs disease

Postby Sarah12 on Sat Sep 15, 2018 10:24 am

Hi, I was told I have Schamberg's disease in a dermatology clinic. I was told it was harmless and also symptomless. The patches are always worse in the summer and my lower legs feel swollen and itchy where the patches are. I don't expose my legs as they look too bad. Things like taking a spin class also aggravates it.
Is there anything I can do to relieve it?.
Thank you.
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Re: Schambergs disease

Postby Dr Sharon Wong on Thu Oct 04, 2018 11:11 am

Thank you for your query. Schamberg’s is caused by leakage of the very small blood vessels in the skin known as capillaries. It is a harmless condition but as you state, sometimes the rash can be inflamed and associated with itching. Any physical exercise involving the area affected and external heat will aggravate the problem by increasing the circulation of blood to the surface of the skin. Topical steroid creams may help when the rash is itchy or inflamed and support stockings may be helpful, especially during exercise. I hope this helps
Dr Sharon Wong
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Dr Sharon Wong
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Re: Schambergs disease

Postby Dr Giles Dunnill on Thu Oct 04, 2018 11:21 am

Leg swelling on exercise can be prevented by wearing elastic support stockings which supports the blood vessels in the legs.
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Dr Giles Dunnill
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