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Mole removal

Postby DisneyPrincess26 on Mon Feb 18, 2019 10:32 pm

When I was younger (I am 27 now) I had 2 moles removed. One when I was around 7/8 the other when I was in my teens. I have a mole that has gone from round shape to a sort of rugby ball shape so I will be getting it checked out but will it be removed because it has changed shape or will I be told to monitor it? Also my nan has had many moles removed and they have come back positive for skin cancer, does it run in families?
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Re: Mole removal

Postby Dr Adil Sheraz on Thu Feb 21, 2019 9:32 pm

Thank you for your question.

Moles will often change with time- this does not necessarily mean they are abnormal. You of course need any changing mole to be reviewed by a dermatologist. When you are assessed, a dermatoscopic examination will most likely occur. A dermatoscope is a piece of specialised equipment that will magnify the mole.

Features of abnormal moles (amongst others) include an irregular, asymmetrical shape, multiple colours and irregular borders, Your dermatologist will take into account all of these features and make a decision on whether the mole needs to be removed or whether it can be monitored.

A family history of certain skin cancers such as melanoma, will increase your risk of skin cancers.

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