adults and young people with eczema

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Re: 15 year old girl with eczema

Postby Yoona on Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:12 pm

Papaya can be a treatment for eczema. Mashed papaya seeds and applied to the areas of skin that are affected to reduce the itchiness.

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Re: 15 year old girl with eczema

Postby muhamm08 on Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:19 pm

As an eczema victim who has a medium patch size of eczema appearing on my cheek for practically two decades, and has actually sought for recommended topical therapy due to the annoyance of the visual look. Not just with the mentioned spot, but I had also been more frustrated with an unpleasant pigmented spot laying on the top of my eczema. 'Eczema' is a term which comes from the Greek word 'to boil' and is used to describe red, dry, scratchy skin which can sometimes become weeping, blistered, crusted, scaling and thickened.

The development of AE has actually closely linked to a modification in a gene that is essential in keeping a healthy skin barrier which makes the eczema sufferer's skin much more prone to infection and allows annoying substances/particles to get in the skin, triggering itching and swelling. As a firm follower in natural recovery; I eye on natural substances that high potent in soothing, hydrating and aggressive bacteria fighters as I comprehend that eczema is a condition with skin dryness; swollen with germs.
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Re: 15 year old girl with eczema

Postby youth678 on Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:54 am

Give her daily bath with lukewarm water and a moisturizing soap then apply the moisturizer while her skin is still damp. Apply the greasy ointment like petroleum jelly avoid lotions and oil. Remember grease up your daughter at least twice a day.
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