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Online clinic on allergies - Feb 2017

Action Against Allergy (AAA) provides information, advice and support to those made chronically ill through the many different forms of allergy and those who care for them.

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food allergy

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Multiple allergies in 18 month old

Postby Rosas mum on Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:47 pm

My daughter has suffered with severe excema and Diahorrea (with mucus and intermittently blood) since she was 2 months old. She was exclusively breast fed for 6 months and at 4 months I cut out dairy, egg and soy and she mainly improved. there is no history of excema or allergies in our families. Since weaning she has however developed multiple allergies. Dairy, egg, soy, lentils, peas, coconut, kiwifruit, tuna, salmon, almonds, some forms of wheat. Her symptoms are hives around her mouth and chin and angiodema mainly on her cheeks and ears, with exception of the fish which is severe vomiting. I have been given a prescription for Piriton and soluble prednisone to use as necessary. I have seen a dietician who has given her a calcium supplement. I still breast feed her and she takes some Puramino ( she still can't take hydrolysed protein milk as gives her Diahorrea with mucus and blood) We have been seen a few times by the general paediatric clinic which have since discharged her telling me to start to challenge her after removing the foods from her diet for 6 months. They said to apply some of the food to her hand then her cheek then her lip. I have tried this recently with the dairy and egg and soy and she reacts within few minutes with large hives on that spot and surrounding area too. I have never been referred to an allergy clinic despite asking the allergy nurse who I see at dermatology appointments for one. Should I expect to be referred? Or is it normal for this not to happen.

I have read about desensitisation and wonder if I should be challenging her orally with tiny amounts of what she is allergic to rather than putting it on her skin. If I go to see a private allergist is it worth paying for allergy testing. The nurse has implied there is no point as I know what she is allergic to.

Lastly re the almonds, should I be excluding all nuts... or not in light of the Eat study.

Thank you very much for your time.
Rosas mum
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Re: Multiple allergies in 18 month old

Postby Dr Sian Ludman on Wed Feb 15, 2017 3:09 pm

Hi Rhosasmum

Thank you for your post. It sounds like you have a lot going on with your daughter. I would recommend that you do seek referral to a paediatric allergy clinic sooner rather than later as you have many foods causing a reaction and a lot of support you could gain from a specialist dietitian and further clarification on the foods causing a reaction.

I would not recommend trying desensitisation at home without advice or support, I would recommend going to your GP and asking for a referral

I hope that helps
Dr Sian Ludman
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Dr Sian Ludman
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Re: Multiple allergies in 18 month old

Postby Dr Kate Swan on Sun Feb 26, 2017 8:49 pm

Hello. I agree with Dr Ludman, you certainly should be seeking an allergy referral for your daughter. Children with multiple allergies such as hers which appear to be a mixture of delayed and immediate should be comprehensively assessed by a specialist in paediatric allergy with a specialist paediatric allergy dietitian closely involved too. We do not advise desensitisation at home.
Best wishes.
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Dr Kate Swan
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