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Hormone stopped my period

Postby jackie_asks_help on Sun Jun 11, 2017 1:00 am

Hi experts,

My problem is a little longer than usually. Hopefully someone has some experience or good ideas!

I am 36 and have never taken the contraceptive pill. Last year I've had a miscarriage and started searching for the reasons. Result: 3 fibroids, 2-3 cm each in the uterus tissue and a small polyp.
All my blood results were very good that time. AMH was normal (details below).

In a Hysteroscopy the polyp have been removed in a popular hospital in China (Tongji Hospital Wuhan). They also gave me a medication against fibroids: Gossypol, 20mg. That is a hormone made from cotton seeds, with some effect against cancer and tumours, but Gossypol is not used in the Western World, because it can sterilize men permanently.

I've taken 1 pill gossypol 20mg daily for 2 Months. Until the third month I have had a normal period. In the fourth month my period has been gone until now (2-3 months already).

My blood results have been tested 2 times end of May, they are very catastrophic now.
Two Chinese doctors and the medicine production company said I will get my period back, other doctors are more pessimistic.
A New Zealand gynaecologist said I might have run through early menopause in record speed, supported by the gossypol treatment. Right now I feel warm coming very suddenly and going suddenly everyday ca. 10 times, which might confirm hormone changes.

What I am interested in:
Can I become normal again? Can I get my period back? Can the lab results be affected by Gossypol hormone? Can the AMH rise back to normal, if the medicine and hormone effects disappear? What can I do now? Is there a medicine that can help me now? Is IVF or normal pregnancy possible in the future?

10/2016: Miscarriage in the 6th week
12/2016: Hysteroscopy, FSH 6.15 mIU/ml, LH 4.63 mIU/ml, AMH 5.22 ng/ml, PRL 21.42 ng/ml, TSTO 32.74 ng/dl, eE2 36.60 pg/ml, PRGE 0.45 ng/ml
01/2017: 20mg Gossypol daily, period normal
02/2017: 20mg Gossypol daily, period normal
03/2017: period normal
04/2017: no more period
05/2017: no more period FSH 134.8 IU/L, LH 77.3 IU/L, Oestradiol 53 pmol/l, Prolactin 407 mIU/l, Progesteron < 1.0 nmol/L
06/2017: no more period, FSH 108.4 IU/L, LH 55.0 IU/L, Oestradiol 60 pmol/l, Prolactin 157 mIU/l, AMH < 1.1 pmol/L, Progesteron < 1.0 nmol/L

Thanks for any help and advice! I am happy for any questions! Thank you!

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Re: Hormone stopped my period

Postby talkhealth on Wed Sep 27, 2017 10:14 am

Hi ,

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