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Am I being dramatic?

Postby smallred on Fri Jul 14, 2017 9:21 am

Hi All,
I would really appreciate some advice.
I am 27 and suffer with eczema since I was born. In the last year or so though it has gradually become worse despite the fact that I am probably taking care of it the best ever.

I have hay-fever, an allergy to peanuts and most fish. I need to be fairly careful with make-up and beauty products which I try to do. Use non-bio.

I have been to the doctors twice in the last couple of months to try and figure out my triggers as recently the areas at the top of my thighs, below my bum and across my chest and shoulders have become new eczema spots. I have never had trouble here before so thought I could get help figuring out why.
The doctor on both occasions treated the infection rather than the trigger and that it simply would have to be treated when it occurred, rather than stopping it . She had no interest helping me figure out and told me that there was noway of stopping these and a dermatologist who would have no interest or could not help me.
I suggested that maybe there is an issue with my diet, dairy or gluten could be a new trigger that maybe previously wasn't but she disagreed.
I also returned back on the pill around the same time these new areas started, this doctor dismissed this theory also. Would that be the case.

I feel that I know my skin and when there is an issue but this doctor as many before simply dismissed my worries and was happy throw steroid cream (Betnovate) and antibiotics at me.
I know there is no quick fix but I know there is more that can be done to help figure out my flare ups rather than just treating them.

I am extremely frustrated with my skin but maybe a little with the doctor as well. Her attitude towards me was horrible, in a way she was saying 'what do you know, i'm the doctor.' On the last visit she brought in another doctor to back up her thoughts but he came in and looked, mentioned something about scabies, they didn't discuss in English the rest so I don't know what exactly was said but he walked out and was no addition what-so-ever.

Would it be possible to get some feedback? Am I being dramatic or should the doctor be able to help determine the triggers or should a specialist be recommended?
Or has anybody else been in a similar position?

I really appreciate your time and advice.
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Re: Am I being dramatic?

Postby Marcie Mom on Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:39 am

Sorry to hear of the problems with your doc - given that eczema is a chronic condition, I do think it is important to be seeing a doctor who you have confidence and trust in. Here is a series that I worked with a dermatologist on what a patient should expect before, during and after consultation, hope it'd shed some light on the consultation dynamics ... sultation/
take care!
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