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Online clinic on arthritis & pain management - Oct 2017

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Shooting pain down outside edge of right hand

Postby Di Graham on Sat Oct 07, 2017 1:35 pm

Not sure whether this pain is arthritis or not. Have had treatment from hospital physio for stiff right hand/trigger finger of the ring finger (RH) and swelling/pain at base of right thumb.
It's taken a while using hand exercises/cotton arthritis gloves (Dr Arthritis on Amazon) and a cortisone injection for the trigger finger, plus I take Cod Lover oil caps daily, to finally have use of my hand. However, have suddenly developed this shooting pain down the outside edge of my right palm. Not there all the time just comes/goes quickly but leaves a sore feeing for a shorttime.First time I had it was whilst driving (not good). It doesn't seem to be linked to any activity.Had an operation, years ago, for Carpal Tunnel of the right hand but assume the current hand problem is not connected.
Any ideas as to what's causing this pain would be appreciated.
Di Graham
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