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Chronic flaky skin on palms [see pictures]

Postby alchemizing on Wed Dec 06, 2017 11:40 pm


First timer here, I've been searching for a solution to my current eczema issue on my hands! I realize that many others have had different conditions for many years. I've had it since I was a child, especially terribly dry skin on my hands and legs. It went away for a while during college, but has returned to the palms of my hands and worse than ever I think!

Please see attached photo below of my right hand, it is flaky peeling skin everywhere. I actually tried to look up my diagnosis and can't match any of the skin conditions I read about online because I can't find any pictures which match. My first presumption was when I used latex gloves during volunteering in the summer, where I sweated a lot in it for 4 hours straight. This might have triggered something on my hand. I've been to the dermatologist who didn't even tell me what it was (but noticed a little bit of eczema on my hands), but prescribed me clobetasol and the barrier cream to use for 2 weeks. I used as directed but this didn't go away. The doctor didn't suggest any other solution but to try and use again in another 2 weeks...

Also, my hands are NOT itchy, but I also put coconut oil on my hands to moisturize and put the cotton gloves over so it can sink in, but since my hands are naturally so dry, it sucks it all up so quickly so I'm not sure it's really effective. Since it's super flaky, I'm also prone to peeling prematurely, which sometimes made parts bleed a little. But even I stopped peeling and it still peels on its own anyway, yet the problem is still there... I'm honestly not sure how my hand is supposed to heal when there are random pieces of broken skin constantly everywhere on the palms of my hands. Am I doing something wrong in my treatment procedure?

Has anyone seen this/healed something like this before? Thanks so much for any input. ... xEZWdjaXZF
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