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Online clinic on arthritis & pain management - Oct 2018

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Pain Management

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Re: What could a pain management clinic offer me?

Postby Matthew Rogers on Tue Oct 09, 2018 1:13 pm

That depends a little on what type of pain management clinic it is.

Having the ability to be able to feel pain (while unpleasant) can be useful and helps us to avoid activities that might cause us harm. Once pain has persisted for more than 6 weeks it is known as ‘chronic’ or ‘persistent’ pain. In persistent pain conditions such as arthritis, the pain nerves can become a little more sensitive, which means that they may trigger off a little easier than normal. You could think of this as a sensitive car alarm that goes off in error when someone walks past and it is thought that this is the reason that some people find their pain gets worse when the weather changes.

Some pain clinics will focus on your medication. They may be able to suggest a new medication or combination of medications that might work better for you. Other pain clinics will focus more on other strategies you can use in order to help you to manage your symptoms. They may offer advice on how to keep active, exercises and stretches, learning to pace your activities so that you don’t trigger a flare-up of your pain as well as setting goals and priorities which may help you to maintain a fulfilling lifestyle.

My advice would be to write down a list of questions you may have about the pain clinic that your GP is suggesting you visit and taking them with you to the appointment.

For more information on persistent pain, visit: https://www.iosteopathy.org/osteopathy- ... tent-pain/
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