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September/October: How has coronavirus impacted your medical care?

The coronavirus pandemic has changed just about every part of our daily lives - from the way we work to how we socialise and shop for groceries. And as a healthcare crisis, the way in which we access medical care has been affected too. 

We wanted to find out how your healthcare regime has changed over the past year, what impact those changes have had on your well-being and whether any new developments or ways of accessing support and treatment are better than the original.

From our coronavirus impact report, we found:

-  54% of regular medical appointments were delayed but treatments were more likely to run on time (62%), as were prescriptions (86%).
-  Worryingly, 45% of members said that they had health concerns or symptoms that they would normally have got checked by a healthcare professional, but which they chose to ignore during the first lockdown
-  When it came to accessing regular medical care over the first lockdown, 73% did so via phone calls. Nearly 20% had face-to-face appointments, with video calls and telemedicine making up just 15%.
-  25% preferred these alternative methods of delivering healthcare, with far more either being indifferent or actively disliking them.

talkhealth is a platform dedicated to supporting your health and well-being all year round - pandemic or not. We work with tonnes of GPs, surgeons and medical experts who are only too willing to offer advice. Remember too that it’s important to stay in touch with your healthcare provider, even during lockdowns. If you need medical attention, get in touch with your GP or specialist ASAP. 

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If you're interested in a detailed analysis of the results for these surveys please contact us.