WIN a copy of 'Honey Sapiens Human Cognition and Sugars' by Mike McInnes

Offer ends: 18 January 2024

We are delighted to be able to give away 6 copies of 'Honey Sapiens Human Cognition and Sugars' by Mike McInnes to the first 6 names chosen at random after the closing date.  Plus enter to reveal the special 25% discount code if bought directly through Hammersmith books.

In Honey Sapiens, pharmacist Mike McInnes explores human energy metabolism and how this is affected negatively by refined sugars and positively by honey. In particular, his more than 20 years of research into sports nutrition have shown him the central importance of the little-known enzyme glutamine synthetase and how this is degraded by refined sugars, a key factor in memory loss, dementia and neurocognitive problems in the young and old and in utero.

Drawing on an internationally diverse range of published findings, often ignored in English-speaking countries, he explains this causal pattern and the solutions, including the unrivalled part honey and the bioflavonoids it contains can play in supporting brain function long-term and protecting it from refined sugar degradation.

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WIN a copy of 'Honey Sapiens Human Cognition and Sugars' by Mike McInnes