10 x SwimSeal Protective Ear Drops

Offer ends: 9 September 2020

Welcome news for swimmers - we will soon be swimming again!

Protect your ears with SwimSeal ear drops – no need for earplugs. 

Suffer from repeated ear problems after water exposure?

SwimSeal prevents water becoming trapped in the ears and causing discomfort, which can lead to painful ear infections such as Swimmer’s Ear.

Professionally developed by ENT specialists, just two to three drops of SwimSeal in each ear prior to water exposure creates a natural, water-repellent coating inside the ear canal.

Replace your ear plugs with SwimSeal

A perfect alternative to bulky, one size fits all ear plugs that can impair hearing and cause discomfort.

SwimSeal ear drops are great for adults and children alike. Don’t go in the water without it!

For more information visit SwimSeal

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