Covid-19: Is it safe to use reusable cups at events?

Cast your mind back to the beginning of the pandemic. We all had to change the way we did things quickly, following new face masks rules and choosing to travel by foot over public transport became - and continues to be - the norm. For coffee lovers, one big shift that felt like breaking the rules was the ban on reusable mugs at our local cafés. 

All of a sudden, the reusable cups that once made us feel like we were doing our bit to save the planet, became unsafe. Alongside cups, reusable plastic bags, food cartons and straws got ditched for ‘safer’ single-use options. So much so that the demand for single-use plastics increased by 57% during the pandemic. 

This huge increase in the use of single-use plastics felt like a massive regression in our fight against the Earth’s plastic pollution problem. The health of the planet was quickly put on the back burner as fears over the spread of Covid-19 took centre stage.