Skin Care Awareness Month: Dr Adil Sheraz shares skin expertise

Dr Adil Sheraz is a Consultant Dermatologist working with the British Skin Foundation, with a special interest in acne, psoriasis and skin cancer. Over the years, we have worked with Dr Adil to make sure you know all the tips and tricks for managing your skin. 

This Skin Care Awareness Month, we have compiled all of Dr Adil's content into one place, so that you can access his expertise with just one click. 

Below, you can watch all of Dr Adil's webinars and live Q&As, enjoy...

Skin Cancer Q&A:

If there is anything that you should be carrying around with you all year long it’s SPF. Not only does wearing suncream prevent skin from burning - which increases your risk of skin cancer - but it also decreases your risk of developing melanoma by around 50%. The British Skin Foundation’s Dr Adil Sheraz shares his expertise on all things skin cancer, SPF, and beyond in this webinar.

Psoriasis Q&A:

Compared to other skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis affects a smaller portion of the population. In fact, only around 1.5% of people in the UK live with the condition that is caused by an overactive immune system. This means that getting a diagnosis and accessing the best advice about psoriasis can be difficult. Here, Dr Adil shares his tips for spotting the condition.

Managing acne with Dr Adil:

Dr Adil Sheraz from British Skin Foundation will have you clued up on acne in no time. The British Skin Foundation has funded more than 400 projects investigating all types of skin disease, making its experts some of the best. Tune into the below to learn about treatments, diagnosis and more. 

Want to learn more acne? Dr Adil Sheraz answered our key questions here.

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