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LVL Health is a leading medical cannabis access clinic for chronic pain providing a rapid route to the highest quality treatment. Their doctors may prescribe medical cannabis as part of your pain management care if their doctors believe it would be safe and beneficial for you.

Their specialist pain clinic researches the best ways to use medical cannabis treatments alongside the patient's current primary care treatments to help manage chronic pain. Patients who join their clinic have the possibility of entering regulatory approved studies whose data could inform the NHS on deciding whether to pay for cannabis medication for chronic pain in the future.

Why they are different: 

  • They offer a world-class clinical service under the guidance of renowned specialists ensuring that as a patient, you are carefully monitored during your treatment with medicinal cannabis.
  • They use a scientifically selected medicinal cannabis formulation that has the best potential benefit for pain management.
  • They deliver this product using a safe and user-friendly world-class inhalation device. This device is connected to a mobile application that can deliver a defined dose of cannabis at a pre-set temperature.
  • The mobile app also allows for the collection of data pertaining to the patient's quality of life and health improvements. Their data collection methodology has been designed to assist NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) and the NHS (National Health Service) in their decision-making process to allow the eventual opening up of cannabis to be prescribed on the NHS.
  • They have surety of supply of the medicinal cannabis they prescribe;
  • Patients who attend the clinic can discuss with the doctors what studies are being conducted at the clinic from time to time to determine if they might be eligible to participate. Studies being conducted by the clinic can be seen on

Paying for private cannabis treatment on an ongoing basis is difficult for the majority of people to afford. NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) has called for more data on the benefits of cannabis in chronic pain to help inform them about the possibilities for reimbursement on the NHS. Their initial study details of which can be seen here has been regulatory approved by the Research and Ethics (REC) committee. 

Please note that there is an associated cost to the clinical service which is offered at the best price. To find out more, click the button below to register your interest!


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