Sleep is one of the best ways to let your skin rejuvenate.

If you can’t sleep then make sure your bedroom isn’t too hot so that you can sleep deeply. And, make sure you’re bedding is right for you.

Try DermaTherapy Bedding – http://www.talkeczema.com/webdocs/skincare/dermatherapy_bedding.php – the first bedding to be approved by the American FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device for use in the treatment of eczema.


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  1. Melissa Hawira

    Totally agree that good bedding is crucial for a decent nights sleep when you have eczema. Not only that, but the environment of the room and the addressing of allergens as well.

    I found that when I put a good quality dust mite cover over my mattress and pillows, and also started washing my bedding more regularly in HOT water, it seemed to make me much more comfortable at nights. This exercise helps eliminate much of the allergy-causing dust mites.

    Another thing I did was to invest in a good HEPA filter air purifier so when I dust or if I have the fan on at night, it helps collect the dust so there’s not as much for me to breathe in.

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