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GPs should invite women to register for menopause advice on their 50th birthdays.

The Statement, from the BMS Council, is published in the latest issue of Menopause International and coincides with the BMS annual conference which is being held in Leeds.

The Statement argues that most women are unaware of the impact of the menopause on their health and yet many of the conditions associated with the menopause can have far less impact if simple improvements in lifestyle are adopted.

Professor Mary-Ann Lumsden, Chairman of the BMS, said “Keeping to a sensible weight, exercise, eating sensibly, moderation of alcohol intake and blood pressure control all help reduce heart disease risk. But many women don’t know that these measures also reduce the risk of other serious diseases such as breast cancer, cancer of the uterus (womb) and osteoporosis, which affects double the number of people with dementia.

“One fifth of the UK population comprises women over the age of 45. Those 13 million women represent enormous economic potential as both employers and employees because of their experience and knowledge. But they’re at risk of developing conditions which are expensive to treat and extremely costly if they end up having to give up work – not to mention the psychological impact” …

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