rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.


So in exactly one month from today, I’ll be heading to Europe for a 2 month trip (Yay!)

The only downside is that I’ll be backpacking and won’t have access to a bath at all and will be heavily relying on my body wash and moisturiser to keep my eczema at bay.

What are some tips that all you Europeans could offer me?

I have done many trips to Canada in winter but I was wondering if any of my fellow eczema sufferers have some tips on how to keep my skin at its best for those 2 months.

Anything would be appreciated and I’m more than happy to return the favour if you’re planning a trip to Australia 🙂



I've had eczema now for 20 years and have tried nearly every treatment there is. I grew up in Sydney where night after night my mum layered me in creams, spent three and a half years in Vancouver where my eczema virtually disappeared and I am now in Brisbane and have lived here for 10.5 years. Over my 20 years I've tried various treatments and I'm now at a point where it's not controlling my life. I'm here to share my journey and spread my knowledge on all things eczema and I hope to be able to help in any way I can.

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  1. Catriona

    Hi Beth – we are hoping that you will come over to the UK to visit us all at talkhealth – do let us know what you are doing. Why, oh why – would you becoming to Europe in the winter time and leaving sunny Australia????!!!

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