Hi everyone

I’m getting later and later with doing my blog but at this time of year it’s a nightmare trying to fit everything in, as I’m sure you will agree.

This afternoon is my  daughter’s nativity play, the first one, so not entirely sure how it is going to go and as I said last time, (especially at the build up to Christmas) she sure is NO angel and at the moment doesn’t want to go.  Oh what fun Christmas is!

We had a lovely Carol concert however with my  son, who sang his heart out without too much scratching, although it looks like I need to see the GP again as it looks a bit messy in places.  I have been using Hydromol for a while on him as it does give a nice amount of coverage, usually I use the 50/50, which is not quite so thick.  The problem is this type of weather dries up everyone’s skin, so Eczema sufferers have an even worse time of it and I certainly don’t think central heating helps – but its so darn cold!

I have now completed my draft for the web updates and it doesn’t look too bad, in fact I think it is going to be ok, a lot more personalised than it has been and hopefully able to get some new photos done so that parents can see how easy it is for children to play even though they have covered mittens.  I’m just waiting to hear from a friend who does a lot of photoshoots for one of the big catalogues (one we all like but I had better not mention it here) so hope I can twist his arm to help us out.

Also going to have a big advert which is run by our local council and is on one of these never ending cycle of adverts, which I hope to get sorted just after Christmas.  This should be good as it is placed in the sports areas of the local netball and hockey teams, so hopefully when the parents escape for a bit to play their own sports it might catch their eye for the little itchy/scratchers they have left at home.

Also today have just received my replenishment stock, which have been waiting ages for.  There has been a big run on the age 3/4 years, but don’t know particularly why, has anyone an answer on this one.  Its interesting that suddenly you get a call for certain sizes and then sometimes it is all for girls and at the same time a totally different age but for boys, you have to wonder why eczema strikes like this.

Did anyone read the interesting article about the Impact of Stress on Eczema.  It was tweeted by the National Eczema Society today and worth looking at.  I thought it was interesting that they mentioned “habit scratching” as I often wonder how much is habit scratching, as a great many children have eczema from a very early age and I think that is very difficult to deal with.  I used to find myself like a scratched (no pun intended here) record saying “stop scratching”, but of course when they are tiny they don’t understand that at all.  It also mentions using ice packs to cool the skin which I have used on several occasions.

Anyway you will be pleased to know that the Nativity play went well, our little “angel” was perfect (biased I am not, hmm) she sang all the songs with gusto for a 3 and a half year old, doing some fancy jigging in time with the music to add a bit of flavour, Super Gran had a tear in her eye but tells me she has a cold – oh yes I believe that.

So am now preparing myself for the rest of the week, an essay to write, end of term, football tournament and oh I forgot I help my brother out at the weekends as he runs a large reindeer farm, complete with Santa grotto, they visit all over the country complete with sleighs and Santa.  I consider myself to be a modern Mummy Christmas but anyone who has a brother knows they don’t see you like that so if you see me I am probably an elf so please do not laugh as it can be quite embarrassing.

Visit us on www.snugglepaws.com also see  National Eczema Society website for some good information as well of course Talk Health who seem to do so much on so many subjects.


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