Everything starts with a thought or energy, if you will. What you eat drink or do starts with a thought. (your thoughts about food/drink are the first stage of digestion, this goes on to enrich or infect, your whole mind body and spirit)

With the new year looming, our thoughts turn to personal promises made for the new year in good faith to ourselves for ourselves, family or friends.

I thought this video may be inspirational to those who are looking for a personal promise for the mind, body or spirit in 2012.

Your thoughts are energy flowing at the speed of light around your body, your world and our planet. Every thought you think, travels around the world 7 times per second! Your thoughts are your choices, you choose your frequency, you decide what matter you attract and who listens in. Your nervous system conducts this energy and touches every cell in your body, that’s approximately 100 trillion cells…

So a positive thought really is an amazing thing.



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