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talkhealth in partnership with NHS Choices, Action Against Allergy and Allergy Academy have today launched an Online Clinic on Food Allergies.

Clinical experts from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital including Dr Adam Fox, Dr Helen Brough, Dr Rubaiyat Haque and Dr Stephen Till will be on hand to answer your questions or concerns about food allergies.

To participate in the clinic you need to be a member, this is quick, easy and free and can be done here. If you are already a member you can post your questions now in the clinic.

We hope you will join us in this lively and informative event!

Watch our interview with Dr Adam Fox – Following the talkhealth/NHS Choices online clinic on children with food allergies in 2011, Dr Adam Fox talks about skin prick tests and blood tests used in the diagnosis of allergies, and how to ensure an allergic child has all the vitamins and minerals they need.



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2 Responses to Online Clinic on Food Allergies

  1. Kirsty Elliott

    Hi my daughter is 17 months old and is extreamly sensitive and allergic but we are having to fight so much to get the right care for her. I am upset at how the lack of support and attention is given to those who have such extream allergies.

    Imogen has a very restrickted diet and has so many environmental allergies and now chemical allergies which cause her to be at home mainly and not being able to enjoy the usual things 17 months enjoy.

    Is there a link between Hyperemisis and low birth weight and food allergies?

  2. The clinic is live so if you follow the instructions in the blog and post your question in the clinic the experts can answer it. The link for the clinic is

    To join talkhealth visit

    Many thanks

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