Eczema is Evil!

29 Mar 2012

This is my 9 year old’s stance on the whole eczema business. She, naturally hates this skin condition she is living with and decides to express it in this way! How can I blame her though? What I have found helpful is to try, as hard as it is to turn eczema into something positive.

‘It’s your body’s way of trying to protect you’ I tell her ‘It’s telling you you’re doing something it doesn’t like, and it wants you to change it’ this helps her in coping with the condition a little more and i even find her talking to her skin saying ‘Oh calm down, it’s only a bit of sun. I’ll go in the shade in a minute’ LOL, it’s really sweet actually.

How do you try to turn eczema into something more bearable? Let me know!

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Hi all, my name is Charlene and I have had eczema pretty much since birth. This annoying skin condition has always been a pain, but recently, it's taken over my life! The only good side of this is it's forced me to look into exactly what is going on in my body and try to look for any triggers, the quality of my diet and in return, avoid anything that I believe may affect me as much as possible. I hope my blog will give you some insight into the reality of living with eczema in the family. Visit me at

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