talkhealth in partnership with NHS Choices and Menopause Matters have today launched an Online Clinic on Gynaecology sponsored by DermaSilkIntimo.

Clinical experts including Mr Hugh Byrne, Mr Peter Greenhouse, Dr Heather Currie and Nurse Deborah Mills will be on hand to answer your questions or concerns about any gynaecology issues or concerns.

To participate in the clinic you need to be a member, this is quick, easy and free and can be done here. If you are already a member you can post your questions now in the clinic.

We hope you will join us in this lively and informative event!

**The above clinic is no longer live on the site, however here is the link to our more recent 2014 clinic on gynaecology. For this clinic we teamed up with NHS choices, Multi-gyn, Promensil Menopause, Sylk Intimate Moisturiser, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and Eve’s Appeal. Experts answered a range of questions  on Gynaecology issues including menopause, vaginal issues, pregnancy and infertility, menstruation, cervical smears and cancer, PCOS, hysterectomy, STIs, painful intercourse and endometriosis.


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