I’m thrilled to bits with our new Mattress Toppers. These luxurious sleep-enhancers have become really popular in the last few years and lots of AllergyBestBuys customers have asked me for a Topper that will add a layer of protection and comfort to a mattress but also be safe and suitable for asthma, eczema and dustmite allergies.

Most of the Toppers I looked at have to be dry-cleaned, which is costly and impractical for allergy sufferers who need to wash all filled bedding at least once a month. Dry-cleaning kills dustmites but is ineffectual at removing dustmite allergen (the amount is variable between 20-70% ) and no one knows if it removes cat allergen. The residual chemicals from dry-cleaning are also of course bad news for anyone with chemical sensitivity.

I did find a few Toppers made in China that said they were washable, but these could only be laundered in a commercial machine and only at 40°, which will get rid of cat allergen if you run the rinse cycle twice, but won’t remove dustmite allergen.

So finding our new Anti-allergy Mattress Toppers proved to be a big challenge and to see why I’m so pleased with them, please click through to the website here.

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