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I’m thrilled to bits with our new Mattress Toppers. These luxurious sleep-enhancers have become really popular in the last few years and lots of AllergyBestBuys customers have asked me for a Topper that will add a layer of protection and comfort to a mattress but also be safe and suitable for asthma, eczema and dustmite allergies.

Most of the Toppers I looked at have to be dry-cleaned, which is costly and impractical for allergy sufferers who need to wash all filled bedding at least once a month. Dry-cleaning kills dustmites but is ineffectual at removing dustmite allergen (the amount is variable between 20-70% ) and no one knows if it removes cat allergen. The residual chemicals from dry-cleaning are also of course bad news for anyone with chemical sensitivity.

I did find a few Toppers made in China that said they were washable, but these could only be laundered in a commercial machine and only at 40°, which will get rid of cat allergen if you run the rinse cycle twice, but won’t remove dustmite allergen.

So finding our new Anti-allergy Mattress Toppers proved to be a big challenge and to see why I’m so pleased with them, please click through to the website here.

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Hello everybody. I’m Janet, mother of two great (most of the time) boys and founder of, an online and catalogue mail order retailer. We sell things that help with the everyday management of asthma, eczema, chemical sensitivity, rhinitis and food allergies. Not drugs and supplements, but more practical things like anti-allergy pillows, air purifiers and vacuum cleaners, latex-free rubber bands, gloves for eczema, home allergy tests and lots more. I’m not a medical professional, but fifteen years of experience of the allergy market means I know which products can help or even make a significant difference when you’re trying to keep your problem under control and which ones are frankly a waste of money. Follow my blog and perhaps you’ll pick up a tip or two!

2 Responses to Anti-allergy Mattress Toppers

  1. Max

    I’d like to buy a mattress topper, since my firm bed is too firm now that I have a hopefully temporary hip issue. A lot of mattress toppers are made out of Latex, to which I’m allergic, or down, which I prefer not to buy out of animal welfare concerns.

    There’s also a topper for back pain price range, with these things clumped under $100 and over $1000. For the latter, I could buy a new mattress. There are also mattress pads that claim to be three inches thick and sound like they to accomplish the same thing as mattress toppers, although I assume they don’t.

    I’m also wondering about the ones that are quilted in large squares, that look about 2 feet by 2 feet. I’d think that surface would be really noticeably uneven.

    Do the ones made out of foam have a chemical smell?

    Does anyone have any info about pros and cons of wool ones?


  2. Jasmine

    I’m allergic to mites as well, and I have an elaborate setup involving a plastic mattress cover, a wool pad, and a cotton pad. These get washed about every two weeks.

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