Here’s another film about getting your period!

Meet brave Nurse Jansen, who speaks confidently about womanly changes.

Watch melancholy Molly, a a girl named Barbara!!, and the other girls in the sad-looking class as they voice their questions.

Hear the nurse’s stern warnings about skating, volleyball, basketball, or square dancing during menstruation.

See the real things: a sanitary belt, pads, and tampons. Move over Walt Disney (maker of the last film), here comes a stronger dose of reality.

This film was made around 1953. I was surprised the nurse talks about tampons. I didn’t realize they were used then, especially by girls.



2 Responses to Another Menstruation Movie. Meet Nurse Jansen!

  1. Barbara – another really interesting video! Where do you find them from?

  2. Hi Deborah,

    I’m doing a guest post gig. You might want to check out some of my posts.I’ve had fun:


    The woman I’m working with sent me the first just for fun because she knew I’d like it. I think the other one popped up near it on U-tube.

    Glad you like them! The girls and nurse are so somber in the last one. They’d be in their 70’s plus now. I wonder how their menopause was!?

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