Seven years in the making … that’s how I see my blog …

Our little family has lived with a skin condition for many years, but it’s my first born, Chloe, who copped the worst dose of it … atopic eczema. So finally, I’m putting keyboard to blog and writing about it!

I’ve also been waiting until I felt I could help others. I hate reading about people who have so called miracle cures only to feel ripped off. I’ve been there done that. Bought every so called cure on TV home shopping known to man, with no results. Nada.

I’m now in a different headspace as I know some things do work but when combined and used in a set method, they REALLY work.

I hope you find my posts interesting, helpful, original with a slice of humour. I’m a mum. I’m also the CEO of our Household {I love that line from the George Clooney movie, One Fine Day!}. I’m just like you.

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from anyone reading my blog so please keep in touch.



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