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So you’re new to Paleo? Here is Paleo Polly’s blueprint to turning paleo

Ok, so, you have decided that you want to make a change to your health, your body and your lifestyle. You have made the mental commitment to shake up the way you eat, and the way you fuel your body. How do you get started?

The first thing you need to do is carry out an assessment of your house; of where you store your food. Look in the pantry, the fridge, freezer and anywhere else you might stash edible treats.

Non Paleo Food

Non Paleo Food


Commit to either throwing away all the non paleo food; or eat it up. Then start paleo. Slow to perishfood- such as rice, pasta etc, can go in a box if you must- BUT- only if you’re sure you’ll have self control! The aim here is to rid your home environment from non- paleo foods. Personally I suggest getting rid! Give the food to your non paleo friends.

You should follow the same principle in respect of your:-

  1. Desk
  2. Handbag (gents!)
  3. Gym bag
  4. Anywhere else you may stash edible treats.


The next step is to do a big shop. Go to your local butchers and buy up lots of free-range, good quality cuts of meat. Sign up to a contract with a local veg supplier; or hit the supermarket.

Tomatoes, Fennel?!

Tomatoes, Fennel?!

Buy the ingredients on my Paleo Beginner’s Shopping List. Make sure you not only stock your fridge and your freezer, but also your pantry.

Have dates and nuts to hand to make your own lara bars. Buy a batch of Naked Ape packs. Buy a big carton of nakd bars, and fill your bags/ desks with paleo treats. The aim is, to make it as easy as possible to eat paleo snacks. The last thing we want is for you to have a dip in blood sugar levels, and for you to reach for sinful and unhealthy snacks.

In my desk draw at work, I stock it with:-

  • Bananas and apples
  • Dried fruit (don’t go wild eating these- but good for when you have sugar cravings)
  • Nuts
  • Naked Ape packs
  • Nakd Bars(don’t go wild eating these- but good for when you have sugar cravings)
  • Tinned Fish- Salmon, Tuna & Mackerel
Home Made Lara Bars

Home Made Lara Bars


TIP 1:- Failure to plan is planning to fail.  

In the first week, before you’re in a routine make sure you schedule 30 mins to an hour from rising to prepare. You need to prepare and eat your breakfast, and make your lunch and (perhaps make/ think about what it is you’re going to be having for your dinner.)

TIP 2:- You now eat 3 meals a day, not breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A little word on breakfast; I usually have eggs for breakfast, as they are a great protein hit and they are so quick to make, so it is a good option if you’re running out of the door. I combine eggs days with ‘cold meats’ or ‘cured fish’ salad days. Mainly because I find these meals are super easy, and can be made in 5 minutes.

Perfect filling snack!

Perfect filling snack!

That said, although eggs are fab, they can get a little repetitive. A great paleo breakfast tip is to stop thinking that you have breakfast. Think you are having 3 meals a day.

There shouldn’t be anything wrong with eating ‘leftover’ meal 3, for tomorrow’s meal 1. Yes, it takes a while to get your head round eating chicken or beef for breakfast, but once you do it is quite enlightening.

Below I have prepared a meal chart- which should sit alongside your shopping list.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
Omelette with spinach and pancettaSuper Green Juice(kale, broccoli, apple, ginger, lime, spinach.) Fried egg, golden linseeds, 2 slices of baconSuper Green Juice(kale, broccoli, apple, ginger, lime, spinach.) Smoked salmon, spinach and shredded carrot saladOrange, ginger and carrot juice Baked bacon and egg potsBeetroot and lemon and apple juice Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs  Super Green Juice(kale, broccoli, apple, ginger, lime, spinach.) Breakfast Beef hashBeetroot and lemon and apple juice Bell pepper quichesOrange, ginger and carrot juice
Spinach salad with spinach cucumber, walnut, beetroot, mackerel Avocado, little gem lettuce, cucumber, chicken breast, mango, seeds Carrot salad with left over paleo lasagne Chicken salad with spinach, avocado, olives, cucumber and gem lettuce Left over slow cooker casserole with spinach Smoked salmon salad Parma ham asparagus spears
Sausage and cauliflower mash with gravy and green beans Paleo lasagne- ground beef, courgette, tomatoes, almond flour white sauce Paleo spaghetti (courgette) with kale pesto and chicken Slow cooker casserole with bacon, chicken, tomatoes and aubergines Paleo burgers, guacamole and sweet potato friesBanana Paleo Ice Cream Jerked Belly Pork with Paleo Slaw and guacamoleAvocado chocolate pud Paleo Sunday Roast with Chicken, veg and sweet potato
Banana Nuts and dried fruit Apple and handful of nuts 4 squares of 85% dark chocolate Banana Kale crisps Paleo fruit crumble


Although ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ you can follow a few additional tricks to aid detoxification, make your paleo weight loss easier, and give your energy levels a helping hand.

TIP – Hydration

Make sure you drink enough water. Not water with dilute; not cups of tea, not fruit juices. Pure H20. Hardly any of us get enough of it. Water really helps detoxify. It helps you feel full; it banishes headaches, and ensures your body is at its optimum. I always try and keep a jug of water at my desk so I am always inclined to keep drinking.

Goan Chicken Curry

Goan Chicken Curry

TIP – Take Good Supplements

I religiously take the following supplements:-

  • Good Quality Fish Oil
  • Multi -Vitamin Tablet
  • Ultimate Greens Powder
  • Probiotics

I am not going to go into the exact science of why taking the above supplements are good for you (to be honest I’m not going to pretend that I have a massively in-depth knowledge of why they are good for you.) You should breathe a sigh of relief, because if I did I am sure we would be here for days…. but in summary here is a bit of basic reasoning:-

FISH OIL: – I take fish oil to boost my Omega 3 fatty acid levels. Although I do eat oily fish regularly, fish oil aids my skin, sports performance, aids muscle growth and recovery, and is great of ongoing physical health.

MULTI-VITAMIN: – Boosts my immune system, and ensures I am getting a good combination of vitamins to complement and enhance my diet.

ULTIMATE GREENS POWDER: Add antioxidants, and vitamins to my diet which aids in boosting my immune system and detoxifying. Makes me feel energised!

PROBIOTICS:- Balances the good bacteria in my body which leads to being regular, decreases bloating, makes my digestive system run smoothly, and enhances my immune system. Being on regular probiotics have made me feel much better after a bout of glandular fever.

Wrist Wraps for Crossfit

Wrist Wraps for Crossfit


Going paleo is about food; it is about eating the way your body was designed to eat 2.5 million years ago. It is about functioning at your optimum. Eating perfectly is great, but, I am pretty sure your Palaeolithic ancestors also hunted for their food. They didn’t sit around all day watching tv. They moved, they took fast bursts of exercise. They ran for around 9 km daily.

Invest in a pair of running shoes, a new gym kit, or my favourite, a Crossfit membership. I work out at CrossfitHG3

Working out is going to burn fat, and develop you new muscles which are great for strength, your posture, and your energy levels.

Without working out you are never going to achieve the body or physique of your dreams. Exercise is great for your overall health and is often described as the world’s most under used anti-depressant. So without further ado, stop looking at this screen and get out….

Get moving….

Get Moving

Get Moving


Paleo Polly

Great tasting food has always been my passion. Obsessed with cookbooks from a young ages I have enjoyed exploring the world of food, recipe by recipe. 2004, aged 20, I was reading Law at University; money was tight, and meals were often made up of vegetables and starchy carbohydrates, washed down with ample alcoholic beverages of choice. Always made from scratch, taste championed calorie content; many delicious creamy pastas and carb-loaded rice and pitta dishes were consumed.Being in my early twenties, I was quite capable of getting away with my not exactly nutritious diet, however following Law School I noticed that I’d put on a few pounds. Being a food lover, I became extremely interested in the power of food; its nutritional value, its healing, health benefits. I read pages and pages of nutritional information; I followed fitness blogs, and read health cookbooks. I then made the decision to turn paleo; I really tightened up my diet and saw amazing result. Most importantly however, eating the right food made me feel great. For the first time, I did not feel bloated, I felt energized, health issues cleared up. My skin was the best ever, I slept well at night. The Paleo Diet involves eating mainly vegetables and protein, with small amounts of fruit, nuts and seeds. Eating Paleo is in essence eating the foods your body was designed to eat. The Paleo Diet mimics the diet that our hunter-gather ancestors ate; pre-agricultural revolution. My love of paleo, has brought me to my new found hobby; CrossFit and a combination of exercise and diet are an unbeatable solution. Paleo Polly is a blog dedicated to my journey. Although I am not a qualified nutritionist, my personal journey has enabled me to make great changes to my life and to my well-being. I would like to share my journey, and my life experiences and guide and assist anyone wanting to make a positive change.

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